China Successfully Tests World’s Largest Amphibious Aircraft

China has developed its amphibious aircraft which is world’s largest now. The AG600 is the aircraft developed by China that can land and take off from waters, as well. The homegrown AG600 has all the capability to handle military operations but China has said that it will be used only for firefighting and marine rescue operations.

By testing the world’s largest amphibious aircraft, China is one among few countries to own a flight of this kind. This aircraft is about the size of Boeing 737 having a wingspan of 38.8 meters. AG600 is capable of carrying about 50 people and can stay airborne for 12 hours.

China's Air & Waterborne Aircraft

AG600 was tested today successfully from a southern city of China, Zhuhai. After its successful flight for an hour it landed back successfully. AG600’s operation range is about 4,500km and has the ability to land and take off from water.

Air-Water Plane from China

By the success of China’s homegrown AG600, the country is seen to be growing rapidly in modernising its military capabilities. This year China has launched its first domestically built aircraft carrier, the Type 001A.

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