Natural Beauty Tips for Face Whitening

Many use to try with multiple home remedies to get rid of blackheads and black marks from face. Instead of trying out with cosmetics-based remedies, it is good to use certain homemade creams or ingredients for a safer try. Tomato plays a vital role in removing the sun-tan caused due to heavy exposure to sunlight. This tan can change your color permanently and could make you dark. Getting fairer may not be possible at times but you can always get back your natural or original complexion that you have always possessed.

The most abundant acid in tomatoes citric acid is slightly less acidic than vinegar. So, it is considered to be safe to use tomato for your face. It removes dirt and excess oil. In the process of removing excess oil and dirt completely, it also washes of the tan that you may have got due to excessive exposure to sun.

Multani matti, on the other hand is good for your skin, especially for sensitive parts of your skin like face. Tomato juice combined with multani mitti (or matti) gives you an excellent combination to apply on your face. Cut a tomato into half and dip it on multani mitti powder. Hold the half tomato (as shown in the above video) in your hand and scrub your face gently using by squeezing the tomato gently. This will clean your skin gently and removes excess oil & dirt from your skin. Those who are finding it difficult to get rid of tanned skin can use this as frequently as you want to get rid of dark complexion and get a fair and beautiful, soft skin.

Make sure you do not use this multiple times a day as taking out entire oil from your skin may result in dry and hard skin. Use this method once a day or alternative days to have a beautiful and glowing skin.

For more beauty tips in Tamil watch videos on YouTube here: Tamil Beauty Tips

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