How to Grow Long & Thick Hair Naturally Fast?

How to grow long and thick hair fast? There are several products in the market to help you in promoting hair growth, however, natural remedies are always the best. Whether it is an effort to re-grow your hair or to promote your hair growth, both needs tremendous effort to achieve the desired result. Apart from the oral applications that we use for our hair growth, there are other factors to be considered seriously. Food and hair-hygiene plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy hairstyle. Protein-rich foods and healthy fruits have to be consumed regularly (on a daily basis) which will support in boosting your hair growth.

As shown above in the video, the mung bean (Vigna radiata) or they call it “green gram” is very useful to get long and thick hair. It Tamil, green gram is “pachai payiru / pachai payaru”. While you use certain home remedies for your hair for its better growth, most of the ingredients used in the home remedies for hair has cold property. Too much coolant applied on your head regularly may lead to other side effects like runny nose, sinus issue, headache, etc. If you are allergic to cooling ingredients for your body condition, it is better to avoid those.

Many use to keep deep search on how to growth long and thick hair at home. Tips are many to achieve the same result but this tips for long and thick hair growth will give you real benefit. In this procedure, green gram is soaked in a cup of water to make it as thick paste in the morning. A little quantity of fenugreek is also added with it which is soaked as well. However, if you are allergic to easy cold or if you have a cool body temperature it is better to avoid fenugreek and use only green gram. Apply the thick paste all over your hair from root to the tip. Leave it to remain on your hair for about an hour and wash it off. While washing your hair, do not use shampoo or any hairwash powder. Wash off the paste only in plain water by having a shower or as you prefer.

The hair growth cycle has three stages; anagen, catagen and telogen. Anagen is the primary stage where the hair is thick long and dense having strong root connectivity through the scalp. The catagen is the second stage where it loses the strength with the scalp and the hair starts to think a bit. Anagen is the last stage in the hair growth cycle, where the hair will lose its deep connectivity through the scalp and will fall sooner or later based on the amount of hair care you do. It is not possible to hold this cycle and remain on the primary stage itself. However, proper hair care will enable your hair to stay long at the primary stage while it is provided with adequate protein and healthy care. By taking proper care to your hair, you can delay the hair on you in its primary stage itself for a longer period of time. In addition, since the hair growth stages have a cyclic pattern, new hair will grow again from the scalp where it sheds out.

A better hair care will keep your hair density better and gives you a better look. Eat more of iron-rich and protein-rich foods. Drinking good amount water daily and sleeping for sufficient hours are all healthy practice to have a healthy hair growth cycle. Every lifestyle change you make not only affects your hairs health but the overall health too.

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