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Thanthi TV has recently started their live streaming on YouTube as well. Earlier, they were only giving out their customized streaming from their server. Many Tamil news channels were relaying their live streaming via YouTube. Thanthi TV was the only channel which hasn’t done it till recently.

Now, it has started its online version through YouTube. This channel was once said to be the most popular channel having the second largest viewership in the region of Tamil Nadu after Puthiya Thalaimurai channel. However, after many news channels have lined up in Tamil language which has lead to a heavier competition among the regional news televisions.

Thanthi TV Programs

Certain bulletins and programs were unique in Thanthi TV earlier but now, there are other news channels which has come to the leading place. Thanthi channel hasn’t gone down yet however news channels like News 18 Tamil Nadu have gone up to a level to push down Thanthi TV and acquire the first position in terms of viewership.

The ranking positions cannot be the same for everyday or every week or month, the TRP rating differs every now and then based on the news programs they bring in and based on the sensational happenings in the state or across the globe.

DinaThanthi News Paper

As far as covering up regional news, Thanthi TV has still its viewership at a premium level as it is publishing news through print media as well. “Dina Thanthi” is their print news version which is a daily news paper. On specific weekdays, “DinaThanthi” has their supplement magazines along with their daily newspaper.

Recently, many news channels have come up. As Thanthi TV has to retain their position in viewership that has pushed them to begin their YouTube live. These days, people have started to watch every other news through YouTube app.  Earlier, public use to check latest news from Television. Otherwise, they use to watch them on other online platforms.

After starting their regular live streaming on YouTube, the viewership of Thanthi TV may see a jump, positively.

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