Thanthi TV LIVE News Online

Thanthi TV is one of the leading news channels in Tamil language. As far as viewership is concerned, Thanthi TV may be the next popularly watched regional news channel in Tamil language next to Puthiyathalaimurai TV. They are also in the print media having their daily published news paper in the name of “Dina Thanthi" that is “Daily Thanthi" which means 'Daily Telegraph' in English.

Earlier, this channel was as “NDTV Hindu" which was relayed predominantly in Chennai, Tamilnadu. While NDTV Hindu was launched in the year 2009 on May 16th, it was owned by NDTV which held 51% of shares and remaining 49% of shares were owned by The Hindu Group. “NDTV Hindu" was started as a Chennai city-specific English news and entertainment channel, broadcast only in Chennai.

Later, Dina Thanthi group took over NDTV Hindu to rebrand it as Thanthi TV. As 'Dina Thanthi' is very popular in the print media, the ownership maintained the similar name for their satellite channel too. Thanthi TV initially was a Chennai city-specific channel and after the acquisition process was completed, it was relaunched on November 13, 2012 as a full-time news channel in Tamil language. As a 24-hours news channel, Thanthi TV broadcasts news throughout Tamilnadu, now.

Rangaraj Pandey and Hariharan are notable hosts in the channel while “Kelvikenna Bathil" hosted by Rangaraj Pandey is popular among other programs in the channel. Besides, “Kelvikenna Badhil" is also a program that has viewership for this channel.