Trisha Appears Young and Prettier for ’96’

Trisha has replied through her ’96’ movie to those who have trolled and commented on social media about her matured looks on face, her age and getting older, etc. The photos and posters of ’96’ movie has been released recently for promo of the film. In these posters and photos, Trisha appears much younger and prettier, challenging the younger genre actresses.

It is quite normal in Tamil cinema, if an actress reaches her 30, she will only be offered with roles such as sister or aunt. Trisha says she too got such offers, however she denied those.

Even in the upcoming film ‘Saami-2’, she was given with a role which doesn’t have much importance in the film and Trisha had declined it with smile. She was the lead actress paired with actor Vikram in the first version of ‘Saami’ movie. ‘Saami-2’ has Vikram and Keerthi Suresh in the lead roles.

Upon her recent looks in the movie ’96’, Kollywood gossips say that Trisha will be unbeatable for another couple of years in the industry as she maintains her looks against her age.

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