Sri Lankan Government Bans a Tamil Film from Screening

Killed Son

During the final stages of Sri Lanka’s civil war Master Balachandiran was killed. Balachardiran was LTTE supremo Prabhakaran’s youngest son who was 13-years-old. Among thousands of civilians killed in the last phase of final days, journalist Isaipriya was also brutally killed. A feature film was made that involves Balachandran and Isaipriya’s death during final days and the film is named as “Saatchigal Sorgathil”.

Sri Lankan government has refused to issue censor certificate and also banned the movie from screening in Sri Lanka. The director of this film Eezhan Elango spoke about the censorship denial and ban of the of the movie in Sri Lanka.

“We haven’t filmed any such incident during the final stages of war involving murders or tortures in the country. The complete feature film speaks only about the sorrows and lifestyle of the war victims and refugees inside and outside the country post the civil war. Also, we have tried to speak out the aftermath mindset of diaspora and people who have been put up in camps.”

Satchigal Sorgathil

In an effort to screen the film in Sri Lanka, our team has applied for censorship to the Censorship Board in Colombo, Sri Lanka. After viewing the film they have refused to issue censor certificate, further they have banned the movie from screening in the country.

The Censor Board officials in Sri Lanka said the story of the movie and other characters involved in the story, a song and dialogues in many part of the movie are very emotional and they are against the Sri Lankan army and Sri Lanka. Allowing to screen this film may erupt law and order issue in the country. Hence it has been banned from screening in Sri Lanka, officials said.

Upon ban and censorship refusal, the director Eazhan Elango has expressed his shock and disappointment. He said that it is a great disappointment for our crew members and fans who are awaited to watch the movie, “Satchigal Sorgathil”.

Saatchigal Sorgathil(Witness in Heaven), is a Tamil film named after the death of Master Balachandiran, who was LTTE supremo Prabhakaran’s youngest 13-years-old son killed during final stages of Civil war in Sri Lanka and Journalist Isaipriya, who was brutally killed in the last phase. The team has applied for censorship in Colombo to screen the film in Sri Lanka. After the view, Sri Lankan government has banned the movie from screening there with a reason that characters, songs, dialogues of the movie are against the Sri Lankan army and Sri Lanka. Director Eezhan Elango is disappointed upon ban and censorship refusal.

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