Rajini Ordered to Release ‘Kaala’ Film First! Releasing on..

After announcing about his political entry Actor Rajinikanth is getting more intense in his political works. He has appointed administrators for each district to strengthen his political party. But after his political announcement also he is avoiding to talk with press, media and social media about his political party or any other issues.

Meanwhile, Rajini has planned to release one his films which has completed. 2.0 and Kaala are the two upcoming films of Rajini. Film shoots of these 2 films are over. Shankar’s 2.0 film graphics work has been going on for several months and it still in pending.

In this stage, Rajini has ordered director Ranjith to release ‘Kaala Film’ as the film works are over by 95%. Ranjith is now doing film release works speedily. So, We can expect Kaala film release date very soon!

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