Kamal Haasan Has ‘Anti-Caste’ Stand But Daughter Shruti Proud Brahmin?

Anti Caste

Actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan who is the chief of his political party “Makkal Neethi Mayyam” has recently said that he doesn’t believe in caste and religion. In addition he also said that he brought up his daughters without mentioning caste ever. “I refused to fill in the caste & religion column in both my daughters’ school admission certificate,” he tweeted.

Tweets and Trolls

Surprisingly, how could Kamal forget in this age of social media, all past mistakes or incidents could easily be recalled. Soon after Kamal boasted on tweet that his daughters don’t believe in caste, trollers began posting Shruti Haasan’s old video interview where Shruti told this to the journalist who is an Iyengar: “It is because you’re Iyengar and I am Iyengar and we are both creative. And there’s a very high chance that nobody will marry either of us.” This interview was in the year 2014.

While Kamal boasts he brought up his daughters without any caste traces in them, Shruti happily boasts of her Iyengar credentials. Taking up this contradictions, trollers began attacking him for his hollow ideologies after becoming politician.

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