Rajinikanth Met DMK Leader Karunanidhi at His Residence

Actor Rajinikanth who recently announced his political entry has met DMK chief Mr. Karunanidhi at his Gopalapuram residence in Chennai. As Rajinikanth entered Karunanidhi’s house, he went inside to meet him and said about his political entry to get blessings from Karunanidhi. Karunanidhi appeared smiling while Rajinikanth was recollecting their memories of past.

This meet was about 20-minutes duration and Rajinikanth left Karunanidhi’s residence after the meet. Mr. M.K.Stalin at the place while Rajinikanth met Karunanidhi and then left after 20 minutes.

After coming out of Karunanidhi’s house Rajinikanth said, “I have expressed my new year wishes to Karunanidhi and told about my political entry to him. Got blessings from him”. Follow this he left the place to his Poes Garden residence.

At Rajinikanth’s Poes Garden residence, while addressing media, he told, “Karunanidhi is the most eldest politician in the country and he is my long-time friend. I have huge respect for him and told about my political entry. He smiled at me and took his blessings.”

He also said he hasn’t met Mr. Stalin and only met Karunanidhi to have his blessings. While M.K.Stalin addressing the media after this brief meet, Stalin too have said that Rajinikanth met only Karunanidhi and it is very usual he meets Karunanidhi.

While reporters asked Stalin about this meeting, he said that this is usual that he (Rajinikanth) meets Karunanidhi. While replying to a question whether he (Rajinikanth) asked for DMK’s support, he said “whether he asked for our support or not, whether to accept it or not all depends on what happens during election. He (Rajinikanth) clearly said that he is going to do “spiritual politics”. Many have created a speculation to demolish Dravidian parties in Tamilnadu. It will never happen. This land has seen great Dravidian leaders like Periyar, Anna & Karunanidhi. There are only histories who have lost their attempt in degrading Dravidian parties.

Political observers say that Rajinikanth is trying to meet leaders as a mechanism to build his political party. All the visual media in Tamilnadu is focusing Rajinikanth’s politics since his announcement about his political entry on Dececmber 31, 2017.

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