Husband Suriya stands firm on his wife’s statement.

Recently, actress Jyothika was awarded as best actress for her film “Raatchasi” (2019) by a private television jury team. In the function, after receiving the award, she spoke a few words about her experience to Tanjore for her shoot. This speech has become controversial and has become viral with support and critics.

What Jyothika spoke was, “While I was in Tanjore, I had a chance to visit the Brihadeeswarar Temple which is wonderful and well maintained. It was neat and clean and maintained well and looked like Jaipur palace. After visiting the temple, I had to be there at the government hospital for shooting purpose in Tanjore. The government hospital was untidy and unclean. I didn’t go visit temple again after being there at the hospital. We all are donating huge money to temples and they are all well maintained. Hospitals and schools are as important as temple, so please donate enough money to maintain and develop government schools and hospitals well.”

Suriya Supports his Wife

Jyothika’s this speech has become controversially viral. There were huge support and criticism on Jyothika’s speech. Those who have criticised her speech said Jyothika has insulted Hindu temples and asking people not to give any more money to temples.

Suriya's Statement for Jyothika

On this situation, Jyothika’s husband and actor Suriya has released a statement supporting her stand. He said in his statement, “Schools and hospitals should be regarded as a place where the Lord can rest. The thought of ancient Thirumoolar times was that offering to people is to help the God. We are firm in Jothika’s opinion.

Whenever slander is spread by fewer people, many unknown faces answer on our behalf. Suriya said that many good people, friends and fans support us.

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