Shocking as Corona victim comes to buy Liquor – TASMAC shop closed on protests

Co-buyers were shocked when a Corona victim came to buy alcohol near Ariyalur.

In Ariyalur district, 18 out of 53 TASMAC shops were opened as the rest of 35 shops come under restricted area. Women have been protesting against the opening of the TASMAC Liquor Stores in Kottiyal Pondipajaar area near Suthamalli in Ariyalur district.

Corona victim comes to TASMAC

In the wake of the corona epidemic in Ariyalur district by workers returned from work in Tirupur in Chennai (Koyambedu), the women barged in front of the liquor shops, wearing face masks, following the social distancing against opening of TASMAC liquor shops.

Also, a person infected with corona came to buy liquor yesterday. This made the public, including the alcoholics, terrified. Following this, Jayankondam DSP Mohandas ordered the closure of the TASMAC bar.

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