Security Who Raped the Minor Girl Learnt How To Give Sedatives At Hospital


In the shocking incident of raping an 11-year-old school girl in a posh apartment complex in Chennai, the security guard who is one of the 17 men accused said to have worked as security guard in a hospital earlier to joining this apartment. Police said that it is at the hospital he learnt how to give sedatives which were used on women during childbirth.

Investigation reveals that this man who was a security guard at the apartment complex gave these sedatives to the minor girl before raping her. Further, he also shot videos of the child and used them to threaten and blackmail the child. Police are now investigating the found syringes to determine what other sedatives could have possibly given to the child.

In the horrific incident which shook the country, the girl was allegedly sedated and given sedative-mixed soft drinks by these men who included elevator operator, security guards, electrician, plumbers and other maintenance staff working at the apartment complex where the girl lived with her family.

It was the 66-year-old lift operator who was first to assault the girl and invited others who filmed each other raping the child and the abuse continued until recently for about 7 months before till incident came to light.

Though the apartment complex has network of CCTV cameras many do not function which made the accused to pick uncovered areas for the assault. They took the girl to various places in the campus including basement, terrace, gym and public restrooms.

The 17 accused were arrested the next day after the girl confined in her sister who then told their parents and a complaint was filed. While four of the accused men gone absconding, 17 men were arrested and produced before the women’s court in Chennai. Inside the court complex while the accused were taken to produce them before judge, group of agitated lawyers punched, kicked and beaten them up in anger dragging them down the staircase.

The accused were then escorted out and additional police were called up to avoid any untoward incidents to happen. The court had remanded all the 17 in judicial custody till July 31.

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