Rain is Expected in Tamilnadu & Pondicherry Regions

Chennai Meteorological Department head Mr. Balachandiran has said that rain is expected to continue in coastal regions of Tamilnadu and Puducherry. Yesterday since morning rain was seen in parts of Chennai and Puducherry.

As per Chennai Meteorological Department’s head Mr. Balakrishnan, due to low pressure prevailing across the coast between Tamilnadu and Sri Lanka, rain is expected during the next 48 hours. This rain will last not more than 2 days. On January 11 & 12 moderate rain may hit regions of Puducherry and few districts around Chennai. However, most of the time the climate will be cloudy in the regions around coastal areas.

Rain news in Chennai & Puducherry

Pongal starts from January 14 and Tamilnadu State Transport Employees indefinite strike leaves public in great inconvenience. Rain will put the common man in greater inconvenience if continued.

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