Local Body Elections in Tamil Nadu

Date for Tamil Nadu civic body elections will be announced during the first week of December 2019. Madras High Court has ordered the State Election Commission of Tamil Nadu to conduct local body elections in the state.

Recently, the cloud for local body elections have gathered momentum among local parties in the state. National parties, Congress and BJP would join this election but have to ally with any of the regional parties to face the civic poll.

Though it is expected that elections will be held during December 2019, dates were not announced by the State Election Commission of Tamil Nadu. In the recent reply to the Madras High Court’s direction, Tamil Nadu State Election Commission has informed that the date for election will be announced during the second week of December.

All the state parties have geared up to face the local body election to prove their strength in the state. After DMK leader Karunanithi’s demise, prominent dravidian parties of Tamil Nadu, AIADMK and DMK are left with challenges as they are to face the elections without their parties head which wasn’t a history in the past.

Along with the existing giant parties, new parties have joined the recent polls both in parliamentary and by-elections in the state. Naam Thamizhar Katchi (NTK), T.T.V. Dinakaran’s AMMK (Amma Makkal Munnetra Kazhagam), Kamal Hassan’s MNM (Makkal Neethi Mayyam) are new parties which would join the mainstream political scenario.

However, NTK would gather the attention of third largest party in the state not by the winning number but their participation in every other election the state come across. NTK is leading in the political presence among other newly formed parties in the state because of the absence of AMMK and MNM in the recent by-polls in the state. AMMK did not participate in the by-poll held for 4 constituencies (including one from Puducherry) and MNM has refrained from participating past two elections, earlier one was the Velleore Parliamentary constituency’s re-election.

With the current political scenario in the state, DMK being the opposition party will fight its best to win this local body election while ADMK will do the same with all its effort to have the win as an advancing inspiration to face the 2021 assembly elections. Next to these Dravidian giants, it will be NTK to prove their political course in the sate.

Watch the current updates in local body elections on television channels here.

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