Jayalalithaa’s Hospital Treatment Video Released

Jayalalitha’s Apollo hospital treatment video has been released to media after one year of her demise. Conspiracy and controversies have been surrounded about former Tamilnadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa’s death and treatment. This 20 seconds treatment video in the Apollo hospital could clear the clouds about her hospital treatment. There were news and rumours that Jayalalitha was killed by her friend Sasikala and their aids. However, in this 20 seconds video, it is seen that Jayalalaitha is lying on the bed as a patient and drinking fruit juice (probably watching TV, as said).

Though this video could convince many of her followers, party members of AIADMK party and other public from the state of Tamilnadu, further unanswered questions still remain. This video footage was released by TTV Dinakaran’s supporter Vetrivel. While he was questioned about the date of this video footage, he refuse to answer. Also, medias have started to question this video footage from every angle they could. One of the chief reporter from Sathyam TV asked whether trees are there around Apollo hospital as they are seen in this video out of the windows.

Jayalalithaa's Hospital Treatment Video

News channels are airing this short, 20 secs video footage with as many questions as they could along with explanations. This is a shocking moment for the people of Tamilnadu to watch their most respected Chief Minister in such a health condition what is shown in the video.

After, more than one year of her death people were given with a convincing answer about her health condition. Many political leaders and prominent authorities attempted to visit Jayalalitha while she was admitted in the Apollo hospital in September 2016. According the news given by close associates and Apollo hospital administration, she remained at the hospital under treatment for 75 days and on December 5th, it was declared that she was dead.

Since her death, the AIADMK partymen and the general public of the state of Tamilnadu wanted to know the real story behind her death and treatment at the hospital. The party has divided over this issue and it is split into two parties; one headed by O. Pannerselvam with Edapadi Palanisamy (Chief Minister) and T.T.V Dinakaran on the other side. This video footage was released by T.T.V Dinakaran’s supporter Mr. Vetrivel.

It is said that they have other video footage and evidences about Jayalalitha’s treatment and those will be provided to the “Inquiry Commission” which was formed to inquire about Jayalalitha’s health & death case.

It is noted that many were saying, Jayalalitha was not admitted at Apollo hospital for treatment purpose. Watch Puthiya Thalaimurai TV news for more latest updates.

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