A 11-year-old minor girl was raped for over seven months in Chennai

22 men

Shockingly, almost 22 men have been continuously involved in sexually assaulting a 11-year-old school-going girl for about 7 months. A Delhi-based family who have got settled in Chennai for about 34 years live in Purasaiwakkam in a multi-complex flat. Class VII girl is a hearing impaired child who was sexually abused by 66-years-old Ravi Kumar, an elevator operator in the largely unoccupied 300-flat complex. Couple of days later he brought in two more men from outside and joined them to sexually assault the child and videotaped the act to threaten the girl to silence her from her parents.

This incident continued for more than 6 months as she was continuously assaulted by security guards, elevator operators and plumbers at the apartment complex. Police have arrested 17 of the suspects whom the girl identified in an investigation process conducted by Ayanavaram police. Further to this horrific crime the perpetrators have administered injections, drug mixed soft drinks and powder which they made her sniff before sexually assaulting the child and videographed themselves in the act.

The child’s father used to be away at work throughout the day and the mother a homemaker did not suspect anything despite her daughter who used to be late to home from school and comes home tired. She assumed that her daughter was playing with her friends in their apartment complex. The girl told police that Ravi Kumar, 66, an elevator operator is the first to sexually assaulted her and then it continued.

Ravi Kumar would take away the child as soon as she comes from her school van to the basement of their flat complex and to public washrooms, terrace and gym, where he and his accomplices raped her. Since many of the flats are unoccupied the suspects had no hindrance while committing the crime.

This horrific incident came into light when the child’s elder sister, a college student returned on a visit to home from Delhi found her sister to be very abnormal and tired. The child told all the trauma she has been going through to her sister when she asked about. The sister informed their parents and they have filed a complaint with Ayanavaram all women police.

All the suspects arrested in the crime were employees of FOCUS, a security firm, and UK Facility Services (UKFS), Chennai. The girl was taken to Kilpauk Medical College and Hospital for treatment on Sunday. After examining and speaking to the girl, doctors at the hospital found that several men had raped her. Police on Monday had her statement recorded in a ‘Mahila court’ after arresting 18 suspects and charging them under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.

Police have seized syringes and an empty soft drink bottle and sent them to the forensics laboratory to determine what drugs the suspects used along with seized condoms for tests. Police have identified the suspects as security guards Murugesh, 54, Palani, 40, Abishek, 23, Sugumaran, 60, Prakash, 58, and Umapathy, 42; elevator operators Ravi Kumar, Paramasivam, 60, Dheenadayalan, 50, Srinivasan, 45, and Babu, 36; plumbers Jaiganesh, 23, Raja, 32, Surya, 23, Suresh, 32; an electrician Jayaraman, 26; a housekeeping employee, Rajasekar, 40; and a gardener, Gunasekar, 55.

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