PM Modi Launched 24 x 7 Electricity in New India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday announced a new programme called ‘Saubhagya – Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana’ to give 24 x 7 power delivery in India. The project cost is Rs 16,320-crore. This scheme will deliver electricity connectivity to all towns, cities and villages without power-cut.

PM Modi said “New India will not only have power in all villages but in every home“. He also said that four crore homes in the country still don’t have power connections, which means that of the 25 crore homes in India, “25 percent people are without power, living in 18th century”. So let make new India provided with 24 x 7 electricity even small towns, villages & in cities.

Here are the key features of the scheme

• Access to electricity to all willing households

• Substitution to kerosene

• Improvement in educational services

• Improvement in communications

• Improvement in public health

• Improvement in public safety

• Increased job opportunities.

• Better quality of life, especially for women, in daily chores

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