Pigs are dying due to African swine flu in Assam

African swine flu found in Assam, as a result of this, 2500 pigs have died in 306 villages; according to the state government report.

Speaking to reporters on the issue, Minister Atul Bora said that it has been diagnosed as African swine flu. This has been confirmed by NIHSAD, an organization that studies animal diseases. Coronavirus is unrelated to this disease. The central government said it is the first case of African swine fever in India. According to the 2019 census, the total number of pigs in Assam were 21 lakh. But this has increased to about 30 lakhs in recent times.

African Swine Fever in India

We are already taking some steps to save unaffected pigs. We are considering whether it is possible to protect pigs without killing them. We have begun inspections around 1 km around from the affected area. We will not kill pigs immediately. If needed, infected pigs will be destroyed after testing based on the situation. Neighboring states have been informed and alerted on this issue.

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