Journalist Gauri Lankesh’s Killer Identified: Karnataka Govt

BENGALURU:  Karnataka Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy said that Karnataka Government has identified the main culprits of the Gauri Lankesh murder case. But the evidence is still collected to prove the killers.

Ms. Gauri Lankesh (55) was a journalist in Bengaluru who was murdered in her home by a unknown person on September 5. Karnataka Government was keenly looking for the killers and now it says that they have identified the culprits.

From the security CCTV cameras, it is found that a man was wearing a helmet and covered his face while he murdered the journalist. He has shot Gauri on her chest. From this evidence Police has confirmed the killer and still searching for other evidence to prove it.

Karnataka Government will reveal the Journalist Gauri Lankesh’s killer details with a photo & evidence very soon.

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