Coronavirus Treatment in Tamil Medicine

Coronovirus or COVID-19 is scaring everyone around the world by being contagious disease that kills anyone who are affected with it unless they are aware of its presence. Here are the preventive method and curable medicine said in Tamil medicine.


Corona virus takes its action only from wet spot, like you sneeze or from nose of from eyes. Wherever there is a humid spot on your body or around your living area, you must be careful as the corona virus takes its active life from there. It first attacks your breathing track or respiratory tract once it enters into your body.

Have you heard about ‘sambrani’ (Saambraani) used at home? In English it is called as Benzoin Resin. It is also called as luban and bukhoor. Saambaraani is considered to be an auspicious component and it releases a sweet odour keeping the atmosphere pleasant.


  • Sambrani (luban/bukhoor/benzoin) cures swelling (inflammation) of the throat and airways.
  • It is effective in curing skin ulcers
  • Sambrani cures bedsores
  • Highly effective in curing cracked skin
  • Helps to kill germs present in moist (in the hair, usual after a hair wash)

In India, especially in Southern parts of India ‘sambrani’ is widely used by women after having their hair wash. Though it is just considered to be a substance used to add fragrance to their hair, the traditional use of ‘sambrani’ started to kills the germs that may present in the moist. Since ‘Corona Virus’ is active and alive in moist, it is highly recommended to use ‘sambrani’ at home periodically or in comfortable interval at home which will help to kill germs present in the mild moist. Especially, when you sneeze, cough or keep your hands on your eyes and nose there are more possibility to have germs present in your hands. It is highly recommended to keep your hands clean after every contact to your nose, eyes and mouth.

Beyond the precautionary measures of keeping your hands clean, it is also good to have ‘sambrani’ lit at home that has got traditional use with medicinal benefits.

NILAVEMBU KUDINEER (Nilavembu Kashayam)

Nilavembu Kudineer was found to provide protection against chikungunya virus while it was effective as a treatment during acute phase of dengue infection. Dengue subtype-2,  and other fever types. International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), Delhi found that the nilavembu kudineer formulation was modulating the host response in the case of both chikungunya and dengue virus but in a different manner.

Whenever you have fever, don’t panic but take proper steps to know what kind of fever it could be. Nilavembu Kudineer has a strong past records of treating fevers like chikunguya virus and dengue infection while there were no other immediate medicines available in drug stores to treat those fevers.

Be preventive using ‘Sambrani’ lit at home and when you have fever use ‘nilavembu kudineer’, both will help anyone to get rid of any kind of fever during its initial stages of the virus affected your body.

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