How to Become Fat Soon Naturally at Home

Though many are working hard to lose weight, there is another side of it – underweight people are anxious about increasing weight and want to become fat faster. There are multiple ways to become fat and healthier in few days to few months based on the method you choose.

Banana & Coconut to Increase Weight and to Become Fat

Take two to three bananas based on your daily requirement. Chop bananas into pieces so as to smash it easily. Take grated coconut or get desiccated coconut powder. Mix the choped banana with the desiccated coconut powder / grated coconut well in a bowl. Add pomegranate seeds if required. Add this dish in your breakfast routine and have it daily. This is one of the healthy ways to increase weight and become fat in a healthier way.

How to Become Fat?

This healthy dish not only adds weight to your body but it has many other benefits to your health. This improves your vision’s health, helps in digestion, boosts immune and helps to grow healthy hair. This food also helps to control hair fall instantly.

Consume this food on a regular basis to increase your weight. This is not a medicine so you don’t have to restrict yourself on the routine. This delicious and health food can be taken regularly until you make this as your favorite dish.

Finger Millet (Ragi) with Milk to Become Fat Naturally

Take desired quantity of finger millet (ragi) and roast it. Grind the roasted finger millet to make it as fine powder. Now, use this finger millet flour with boiled milk to consume it on a regular basis.

Add few quantity of sugar or gur or jaggery to add taste to the drink. This is an excellent drink for those who want to put on weight in a very natural way. You don’t have to skip your breakfast when you have this, as this is an additional health drink and not a replacement to your breakfast.

Ragi with Milk for Weightgain

Finger millet known for its high content of natural calcium. It is one of the sources of natural calcium that helps is strengthening bones. Adequate amount of finger millet powder with milk is advised for growth of children and elderly people to give them strong bones. Regular consumption of finger millet is good for bone health and keeps diseases such as osteoporosis at bay and could reduce risk of fracture.

Green Gram (Mung Bean) Sprouts with Honey to Increase Body Weight Naturally at Home

Almost every sprout is a healthier dish to consume, however, high fiber and low calorie green gram (moong) is the best one to consume daily to become fat in a very healthier way.

Take a hand full of green gram and soak it in the morning in a bowl or any container. In the evening or approximately after 10 hours, filter the water and take the wet green grams. Shift the soaked green gram to a clean cloth and tie it tightly. As an alternative you can also shift the soaked green gram to a container and keep it closed. Leave it overnight and you can find the sprouted green gram ready to serve.

Green Gram for weight gain

If you are a gym-going person, green gram sprouts is the best food you can consume to give you clean protein to your body after gym workouts. Add necessary quantity of honey to it and mix well before consuming the sprouts.

The processed mung bean, also known as Vigna radiata or green gram has various health benefits. The non-processed form of this sprout gives amazing nutritional benefits. Green gram sprout improves nutrient digestibility, mineral accessibility, and significantly increases the number of vitamins. Mung bean sprouts are even rich in probiotics – which supports digestive health.

Green gram is highly rich in protein that guarantees excellent weight gain. Weight gained through green gram sprout doesn’t have any fat that need to be worried later. All the above food ingredients and recipes are applicable to both boys and girls or men and women. Both the gender can have these healthy foods to increase their weight and add weight to their body naturally without any side effects.

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