Engineering Courses after +2 with Job Opportunities

There is a general perception among students about engineering courses relating to job opportunities. However, there are many new engineering courses and computer related courses that has plenty of job opportunities. Have a detailed view into some advanced engineering and computer science courses to learn.

B.Tech – Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering is booming today. From plants to human, genetics has become more important. Its applications include DNA, protein, cell growth, tissue culture, finding new species, eliminating disease, and correcting genetic disorders, etc. To choose this course, in plus two class one must have studies math, physics, chemistry and biology.

B.Tch Genetic Engineering

What is taught in B.Tech – Genetic Engineering? Principles of Genetics, Microbiology, Immunology, Molecular Biology of the Gene, Principles of Microbiology, Biochemistry, Cell Structure and Dynamics, Bio-mathematics, Organic Mechanisms in Biology, Principles of Transmission Genetics, Molecular Techniques of Genetic Engineering, Bio-Statistics, Human Genetics, Plant Genetics Stem Cell Biology and Gene Therapy, Animal Cell Culture and Technology, are the subjects taught here.

Polymer Engineering

The scientific explanation for polymer is the long bond of simple molecules. A study of natural and synthetic fibers. Natural fibers are silk, wool, DNA, cellulose and proteins. Synthetic fibers are nylon, polyester, polyethylene, Teflon and epoxy. In “Polymer Engineering”, about synthetic fibers and how to design them according to usage, how to design them, and how to make them are taught.

Polymer Engineering Studies

This course is only taught in some colleges in Tamil Nadu. Thermosets used in designing of aircraft, fiber plastics used in car and automobiles, biodegradable polymers used in medical industry are all related to “Polymer Industry”. Environmental Studies, Plastic Material Technology, Polymer Rheology, Science and Technology of Rubbers, Polymer Analysis and Characterization, Strength of Materials, Plastic and Draper Testing Technology, Mold and Dye Design, Polymer Non-composites are taught in “Polymer Engineering” course.

Those who have studied “Polymer Engineering” will have job opportunities in Aerospace, Automobile, Biomedical, Plastics and Mobile Phone industries.

B.E. – Aerospace Engineering

“Aerospace Engineering” helps in understanding technologies of space rocket, spacecraft, a study of its design, mechanics, and aerodynamics. This course is ideal for for students who want to achieve achievement in aerospace.

Aerospace Engineering Course

Physics, Chemistry, Engineering Drawing, Computer Programming, Engineering Mechanics, Introduction to Aerospace Technology, Mechanics of Fluids, Introduction to Thermodynamics, Materials for Aviation and Space, Aerodynamics, Compressible Fluid Flow, Aerospace Structures, Aerospace Propulsion, Avionics, Flight Mechanics, Environmental Science and Sustainability, Computational Fluid Dynamics for Aerospace, Aero Design, Flight Dynamics and Control are major subjects taught in “Aerospace Engineering”

B.Tech. Marine Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Mining Engineering and many such engineering courses are there that provides suitable employment opportunities in their respective sector.

Computer courses

BCA – Cloud Tech and Information Technology

Storing information in the computer field is a major issue today. Cloud Computing Technology is the solution. Study designed with contemporary placements in mind. The IT industry has lot of opportunities for cloud technology related courses.

Cloud Computing Engineering

Mathematics should have been the main course in +2 to join the three year course. Computer Fundamentals and Organization, C Programming, Interaction Linux, Operating Systems, Fundamental of Storage Management, Reasoning and Thinking, Information Security Fundamentals, Software Engineering, Programming in Java, Computer Networks, Ethical Hacking Fundamentals, Cryptography Fundamentals, Introduction Cloud Technology, Fundamentals of Data Center, Visualization and Cloud Security, IT Governance, Linux Administration, Introduction to Cloud Computing Solution, Mobile, Wireless Security are subjects that are taught here.

BCA – Data Science

This is the era of information technology. Information is the determining force of everything. Data is responsible for marketing, selling and buying all around you. Data are the basis for keeping the information you searched on the web and displaying such ads back to you. In today’s scenario many companies are looking for data analysts.

BCA in Data Science

Fundamentals and Organization, C Programming, Introduction Linux, Operating Systems, Fundamental App Storage Management, Reasoning and Thinking, Database Management, Linear Algebra, Computer Networks, Scientific Programming using Key, Inferential Statistics, Big Data Analysis, Cloud Computing, Exploratory Data Analytics, Times Series Analysis, Machine Learning Algorithms lessons are taught in BCA Data Science.

BCA – Multimedia and Animation

Only an visual medium can easily convey anything from a layman to an educated individual. Local companies to multinational corporates are relying on the multimedia and animation industry to market their products to the public (customers).

Multimedia and animation courses

It is multimedia and animation that give blood and life to mobile apps and games. This course is ideal for those interested in multimedia and animation. Computer Concepts and Problem Solving, Digital Logic and Fundamentals, Data Structures, Micro-Processors and its Applications, Introduction to Accounting, Algorithm Design Techniques, Software Engineering, Object Oriented Programming, Computer Networks, Database Management Systems, Graphics, Multimedia Systems, Internet Programming, Compiler Design, Cryptography and network security are taught in BCA Multimedia and Animation course.

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