Surjith Rescue Operation Continues Beyond 70 Hours

Two-years-old baby Surjith (Sujith) fell into a borewell pit on Friday (25.10.2019). Surjith got struck inside the pit that is measuring down to at least 100 feet. The baby got struck at a distance measuring about 82 feet.

This incident happened in the village Nadukattupatti, near Manaparai in Trichy district. The borewell pit was left open in an agricultural land where the Surjith while playing around, fell inside.

District administration was taking all its effort to safely rescue the child. Tamil Nadu government is taking all measures to accomplish this task successfully by rescuing the baby from the borewell pit at the earliest.

Various organizations like ONGC, NLC and even other private companies have joined hands in this rescue operation. The rescue operation is planned to drill down another borewell kind of pit next to the one in which baby has struck now. Since Surjith got struck at a distance of 82 feet, the rescue team has planned to drill the next well that would go down to the distance of about 100 feet, later a connecting passage would be dug between the two wells to rescue Surjith.

Surjith Baby Status
Left: Drill for rescue operation is in progress. Right: Borewell where the baby got stuck is covered to prevent rain.

Meanwhile, a team from Anna University has also joined this rescue operation and confirmed that Surjith’s health is stable. Oxygen is being provided inside the borewell where the baby got struck.

The rescue operation is highly risky because the land which is being drilled for the last 2 days is rock-bottom land surface that poses as biggest challenge in drilling operation. Harder drilling process may cause vibration to the next borewell where Surjith is struck and shouldn’t cause any adverse condition.

Tamil Nadu government personnel are taking all necessary measures to bring out the baby in his good health. Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and ministers like Mr. Vijayabaskar are at the spot throughout the duration of the drilling process.

Prayers and messages from across the country for Surjith baby to come out safe and healthy. Surjith’s rescue operation is made live in all channels across the state.

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